About me:

Hi! My name is Emiliano Sotelo-Fonseca (He/Him).

Hi! My name is Emiliano Sotelo-Fonseca (He/Him).

I am currently studying for a MSc degree in LANGEBIO, CINVESTAV-IRA working under the supervision of Dr. Selene Fernandez-Valverde and Dr. Kasia Oktaba.

For my master’s project, I am interested in the 3D genome and bioinformatics. I am analyzing HiC data from Drosophila and Plants to see how genome topology relates to transcription, and how it impacts genome evolution.

In the undergraduate program in genomic sciences at UNAM (class of ’18), I discovered I like coding, #rstats, and thinking about how living beings process information.

Recently, I collaborated with CDSB Mexico developing the regutools R package.